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"Omg...... I am so addicted to soothingscensation's peppermint salt scrub. My son has eczema and he sheds dead skin excessively, this scrub has cut down on the shedding leaving his skin soft and extra smooth.... In addition to it helping my son my skin feels hollywood soft. Thanks soothing scentsation"!!! 
                                                                         ~ March 2011
"Getting older is no joke... my aching bones and muscles are a constant reminder that I'm no longer a "spring chicken." However, there's nothing like the "healing" touch, and Cheri certainly has what it takes to soothe my aches and pains. As a person who doesn't let just anyone put their hands on me (energy), Cheri is a loving spirit whose energy is ALWAYS welcoming, while she brings healing to both mind and body. She also educates you on your body and offers ways to help you on the journey of healing with oils and salts that help restore the body. In other words...Cheri is awesome! I highly recommend her. Enjoy, relax and restore. You only have one body, let Cheri help you keep it in great shape....When I told Cheri about my circulation problem, she offered me some "magic" salts to bathe in. I truly could tell a difference after one relaxing bath. Her products are done with "love," just like everything else she does. She uses excellent ingredients and they're "affordable!" Give yourself the best... you deserve it. And Cheri has what you need". 
                                                                                 -Nailah  June 2011
"I was having a hard time going to sleep and sleeping through the night. I was given some oil she put together. Now, I place the oil under my nostrils and I am sleep within minutes. I also wake up well rested".
                                                                              ~ ~  September 2011
"I just want to say that I used Cherie's scrub in the shower for my arthritis in my knee and it made it feel verrry good and smooth. It really helped!"
                                                                                  -B....November 2011
She is very professional, considerate and her technique is awesome! I work at a desk all day everyday and have stress/stiffness in the back/neck. After a session with her my muscles are totally relaxed. I appreciate how she works with me to find the right pressure to meet my needs while still making the massage a relaxing experience.
                                                                             -Donella...January 2012
AWESOME SERVICE!!! Thanks Cheryl for being a true professional who is knowledgeable & passionate about her craft! It is because of you that I have placed more focus on MYSELF & my own personal well being instead of focusing so much on everyone else! Thanks again & you have my full support!
                                                                            ~ Le Le... June 2012
I have been going to Cheri for over a year and she seems to always come up with different techniques.she is very professional and knowsher business.prices are reasonable and she cares
I have only tried the bath bombs and one of the oils so far but am looking forward to trying other stuff
                                                                   ~Mr. Thomas, Chicago...Aug2012
I was able to sleep last night for the 1st time in YEARS with no pain in neck or back after Cheri's massage. Will now be a regular. I HIGHLY recommend her massage.     
                                                                 ~ George B. ...October 2010