Soothing Scentsation - ...A Massage by Cheri
Soothing Essential Oils
Essential oils are liquids diffused directly from plants and flowers, just as many of the medications on the market today. The major difference is, essentional oils are 100% natural
(no man-made chemicals or harmful side effects)
*100% Natural
*Hand blended with your relaxation needs in mind
*Each Oil blended to ensure a soothing, relaxing outcome.
*Essential Oils are absorbed by the skin and travel to and through
the bloodstream, straight to the site where relief is needed.
*Each oil has a unique "job" and blended with a specific result in mind.
For Headaches
A blend of lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and other oils
"Relief 1"
For Pms
(before, during or after)
A blend of lavender, chamomile (ultimate in calming),
 sage (can be substituted if allergic) and other oils
**this blend can also be used to relieve bouts of depression
and anxiety
                                                                   "Relief 2"
For Joint / Arthritis Pain
A blend of eucalyptus, grapefruit (for inflammation), and other oils
***can be used if suffering from ms and fibromyalgia pain.
"Relief 3"
For Insomnia
A blend lavender, marjoram, chamomile, and other oils
Soothing Oil 2oz
for headaches
Price: $8.00
Soothing Oil 2oz
for Anxiety
Price: $8.00
Soothing Oil 2oz
for Arthritis
Price: $8.00
Soothing Oil 2oz
for Insomnia
Price: $8.00